Early Childhood Development.


In ECD 1&2, children learn skills through active classroom activities and a variety of early childhood education themes. While participating in the program, they complete various art and music activities, undergo fitness development and gain pronunciation and speaking skills with Phonics. Additionally, through a variety of group activities, academic subjects and emotional interaction, children realize the importance of social relationships.


In ECD 3&4, children cultivate their study skills and get to know the joy of learning, transition from listening comprehension to reading comprehension. Children develop their Phonics skills more and can read short stories. Through this program, students learn a variety of skills, such as appropriate classroom behavior and concern for others. Students become inquisitive and self-motivated learners after completing the course. In class, students also study Language Arts, which is theme-based integrated learning, to help build on their solid knowledge.


In ECD 5, children reach the level of a Grade 1 native speaker. Children’s social, emotional, verbal and physical capabilities will continue to develop through more advanced musical, teamwork, reading and writing activities. Children at this level will develop the necessary skills to begin reading and writing simple sentences, as well as being willing and able to express their personal opinions.

ECD Academic Support

  1. e-POLY Exclusive Online English Program
  2. Well-equipped library with more than 35,000 English books
  3. Physical program (Gym)
    Daily physical exercises help to improve skills fluency, motivate intelligence in brain.
  4. Annual Events
    • Field Trip.
    • Monthly Birthday Party.
    • Children’s Day, Halloween Party, Christmas Concert, Thanksgiving Festival.
    • Speech Day.